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    I have published works including:

  • My first Children's Novel, "Toni and the Dandelions" (now available digitally and in audio format)
  • My latest Novel, "Iced Children of the Incas" (Release Date: TBA)
  • My Life Workbook, "3 CRUCIAL STEPS TO RE-JIGGING YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE HARMONY... In a New & Creative Way"


I offer inspirational quotes that have helped me attain the life I want. Hopefully they will help you create the life you were meant to live. Complete the questionnaire "3 CRUCIAL STEPS TO RE-JIGGING YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE HARMONY... In a New & Creative Way" to initiate momentum to further your own life growth.

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My Supportive relationships help me discover, commit and be accountable for my own personal and professional development. By understanding my values, needs and desires I now communicate a new level of awareness to myself and others. I am now able to embrace the transitions necessary to move forward on my new life path.
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On those chilly days soften a chilling heart by staying open to the warmth of friendships
Better to be painfully aware of a failing than oblivious to it? If hidden, how can you transform a flaw?
adapted from Khyentse Norbu
Create a worry journal, worry pouch, worry room or worry time. Honour the worry and then sign off
"Worry is praying for what you don't want."...Anon. Hard to eradicate! So better to name it, feel it, solve it and let it go
A positive perspective of a rainy day....Rain is cleansing