My Passage

My Life Journey...

... took many interesting twists and turns both personally and professionally.  For much of it, I was an emerging mother, wife, business owner and entrepreneur...I learned about the challenges of harmonizing all aspects of my life so that I could still enjoy some personal space and time.

Over the Years...

... many doors opened for me.  Regardless of whether I walked through them or passed them by each one gave me insight and taught me valuable lessons about myself.   Whenever I missed the mark, my inner self-talk learned to smile and say, “That’s ok… you’ll get it the next time they knock.” As I moved through all my ups and downs, optimism and trust … along with a dollop of playfulness and adventure… always prevailed.

Through it all...

... I managed to keep a life-harmony present in my life.  This was in part due to my tenacious correct-and-continue philosophy. At the end of each year, I would assess my GPS within my personal universe and determine that as long as there had been some growth, it was a good year.  My learning never failed me and I would adjust my vision to suit it .

I viewed it as new information adding new dots to my life-thread...

Along the Way...

... I was fortunate to be supported by wise mentors and confidantes, loving family members and children, and fiercely loyal friends.  They all fostered my strength and self-belief, and gave me invaluable insights around my next step.

The “Why’s”...

... “what’s”, and “how’s” of people’s behaviour and choices had always been a source of deep mystery for me, the study of which eventually led me to a profession in Life Coaching. Having a positive and forward moving focus, it completely resonated with me and I felt that I had finally landed where the world needed me.  It was here that I could share my gifts and support others in a meaningful way by noticing, clarifying and realizing their own life harmony.

Life Coach becomes Granma...

... The magical gift of Granma-hood was bestowed on me in 2012.  All the promises of joy and wonderment are realized in every single moment of playful time together.  Each tiny step in learning and growth produces incredible exploration, freedom and delight. There is no better metaphor for change and discovery than a baby embracing life unfolding. My life expands along with hers with an impish smile on my face.

My Past


My Focus

My Books

    I have published works including:

  • My first Children's Novel, "Toni and the Dandelions" (now available digitally and in audio format)
  • My latest Novel, "Iced Children of the Incas" (Release Date: TBA)
  • My Life Workbook, "3 CRUCIAL STEPS TO RE-JIGGING YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE HARMONY... In a New & Creative Way"


I offer inspirational quotes that have helped me attain the life I want. Hopefully they will help you create the life you were meant to live. Complete the questionnaire "3 CRUCIAL STEPS TO RE-JIGGING YOUR OPTIMAL LIFE HARMONY... In a New & Creative Way" to initiate momentum to further your own life growth.

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My Blog

My Supportive relationships help me discover, commit and be accountable for my own personal and professional development. By understanding my values, needs and desires I now communicate a new level of awareness to myself and others. I am now able to embrace the transitions necessary to move forward on my new life path.
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A positive perspective of a rainy day....Rain is cleansing
We learn about ourselves when reflected back to us through other's eyes...
How can we imagine more? It is what we imagine which is real and our deeper truth
Don't be seduced by your frustrations. Find your Centerpoint and return to the present. Solutions are found in the present
There's an expiry date on blaming your past for your present

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