So Now What?

So you’re feeling unsettled in your life. You’re ready to do more; do “different”. You’re tired of being stuck in a rut of immobility. You’ve committed to change. You’re open to hearing feedback. You’re ready to transform your life. So “now what?” You’ve taken a big step in acknowledging that you need change and now 

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Smiling Gone Viral

How much better would your life be with a little more smiling? Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone, especially during this festive season, is a friendly smile. It can become contagious. It can go viral. Have we not all marveled at the massive success of a song, someone’s noble efforts or simple yet 

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Struggling with “stuck-ness”? – Look within!

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be constantly “spinning your wheels” in your life? You know the feeling… working hard to secure your future but in reality being stuck in your daily routine, not really making headway. Liken it to a mime character that appears to be walking forward but in reality is 

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