Smiling Gone Viral

Smiling statueHow much better would your life be with a little more smiling?

Sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone, especially during this festive season, is a friendly smile. It can become contagious. It can go viral.

Have we not all marveled at the massive success of a song, someone’s noble efforts or simple yet thought-provoking words gone viral? Well how about making smiling go viral?

Have you ever walked along, deep in thought, perhaps even in a melancholy mood, to be meet by another person’s wide grinned smile? Can you remember how it made you feel? How did you respond? Did you smile back or did you walk past trapped in your autopilot?

I don’t know about you, but I find that when I’m met with a smiling face I am jolted into friendly awareness followed by a reflective, wow-moment…. a reminder that I could use more of that. It’s never irritating or threatening. In fact I usually appreciate the gesture and start smiling at others. Smiling is contagious.

I’m not suggesting that being self-contained at times is a bad thing. But looking inwardly often requires that we connect outwardly and notice our surroundings. It’s part of being mindful. So welcome life’s joyful interruptions and smile back. Or better still be the one to initiate the smile.

My story… Recently I ordered a chai latte at one of my favourite latte shops. While waiting for my drink to be made, I moved away from the counter to chat with a friend. After engaging in conversation for longer than anticipated, I moved back to the counter sure that my latte would be ready. However to my frustration, my server hadn’t even started brewing it due to a communication glitch.

I was annoyed, impatient and down right unfriendly as I inquired about my drink. The woman barely noticed or should I say, took notice of my rude behaviour and proceeded to make my drink. As she was completing it, she looked up at me with a wide grin and asked, “Would you like extra foam on it?” Her smile was totally neutralizing.

I could no longer be angry.

AND by the way, how did she know I loved extra foam? I smiled back responding “Absolutely”, humbled, but more importantly, shifted by the experience. I left feeling lighter and happier and spent the rest of my afternoon, smiling at others. Go figure. So simple yet so powerful!

My request of you. . . Spend one entire day smiling at everyone you pass. Notice what happens and how it makes you feel. Chances are you’ll feel a whole lot happier. Plus I guarantee that you will create a ripple as others pay it forward. Your smile will go viral. Comment below and share here your experiences around smiling.


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