So Now What?

So you’re feeling unsettled in your life. You’re ready to do more; do “different”. You’re tired of being stuck in a rut of immobility. You’ve committed to change. You’re open to hearing feedback. You’re ready to transform your life. So “now what?”

You’ve taken a big step in acknowledging that you need change and now an equally big step is figuring out how.

You can move forward by yourself or you can ask for help from a friend or better still, a professional.

Here’s a checklist of what the person you recruit should do for you….

• Create a trusting and respectful relationship so you can share your thoughts freely
• Guide you in defining your desires, your core values and needs
• Challenge you to identify and confront your blocks
• Request follow-through action steps
• Nudge you to stretch beyond your perceived limitations.
• Invite you to explore all possibilities.
• Be curious about you.
• Encourage you to create your own solutions.
• Offer you suggestions, options and resources.
• Investigate your confusions and contradictions.
• Probe for the meaning behind your words.
• Listen with compassion and without judgment.
• Celebrate your courage, strengths and progress.

It is difficult to move forward on your own steam so reach out. Giving support to others is a huge gift to them. Being open to receiving support from others is a huge gift to yourself. Pick someone with whom you can create a trusting relationship. When you do this you will be more likely to share fully and honestly and to commit to co-creating, with your new-found-support, the life you yearn for. Give your support permission to challenge you with powerful and sometimes challenging questions and to hold you accountable to follow-through on your action steps.

Knowing what you want to accomplish, how you will accomplish it, by when, and with what resources, will give you a strong start on the road to fulfillment. You will massage and mold your goal, re-looping back, if necessary, to an earlier step until it is stated in a way that is just right for your success. How exciting will it be for you to set realistic goals, which are within your reach? It is possible if you take that leap of awareness.

What do you need to clarify in your life so that you can step into change? Share your story by commenting to this post.

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