Struggling with “stuck-ness”? – Look within!

Have you ever wondered why you seem to be constantly “spinning your wheels” in your life? You know the feeling… working hard to secure your future but in reality being stuck in your daily routine, not really making headway. Liken it to a mime character that appears to be walking forward but in reality is just staying in the same spot. Or, as in Michael Jackson’s “moon walk”, moving backward as if on the slippery-slope-of-life.

How often are you so over-focused in your daily routine that you don’t even notice you are stuck in a rut? You can stay in this space of autopilot or unconscious living, for a long time with no excitement or energy for developing your hidden gifts and strengths. You may have dreams but usually they are gentle whispers with little optimism for realization.

What you don’t realize is that you have all the answers you need for change within you. However these insights are often so deeply enfolded within the layers of your unconscious you don’t know how to connect with them. If you delve into those folds and discover your truth you can raise your sights to a new level of awareness and clarify how you wish to live your life in a different and more meaningful way.

But it isn’t always easy to access your truth and wisdom. You may need the help of a friend or better still, an objective professional who is able to ask thought provoking questions and mirror back to you what they see and hear. There is a saying… “You only learn who you are, when others reflect it back to you.” The compassionate support of another can assist you in recognizing your values, needs, strengths, and desires. She or he can guide you in putting your vision into motion and hold you accountable for its attainment. So the simple answer to moving out of your “stuck-ness” is to ask for help in identifying where you are and where you want to go.

When did you last ask for support when having to make a critical life decision? Share your story by commenting to this post.

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