The Power of Noticing Your Life

Noticing can bring a sense of appreciation and gratitude for what and who is present in your life. It can highlight that, which may need your attention. Your act of noticing begins at the moment when your consciousness awakens from your world of dreams.

An initiation…

Notice how you wake in the morning?

Are you startled by your transition from sleep to wakefulness?
Are you groggy, sleepy, listless and down in your mood?
Or is your entry more gradual, calm and rested?
Or do you bounce out with enthusiasm? 

Are you stressed by what the world may deliver you?

Or are you excited to launch into your day?
Where in your body do you most feel it?
Describe your state of being in this very moment.
How acute are your senses to this feeling?
How strong is your desire to change this way of being? 

With your eyes still closed, draw your attention to your inner waking space.

Breathe deeply into your belly, letting it expand fully and then exhale by hollowing it.
Collapse your mid-section, curling your spine and shoulders.
Repeat the inhale as you role your shoulders back, gently arching your spine. 

Now open your eyes.

Stretch and flex your limbs.
Notice any tension, pinching, tightening, or gripping.
Notice what you perceive with your eyes, ears, smell, and touch
Notice your emotions.
Notice your state of mind.
Notice your cellular configuration. 

As you rise out of bed…

Notice the room.
Notice the colour and texture of the light.
Notice the walls and the ceiling,
Notice the floor in your room and down through the hallways
Notice what flutters and peers in at you through the windows. 

As you move into your family space…

Notice the other members of your household.
Notice the words you use to express yourself to them.
Notice how they react to you.
Notice other’s interactions with you.
Notice how you react to them…

If you choose to engage in an encounter with nature…

Connecting with your garden, or running along a nearby trail…
Notice the beauty.
Notice the jarring.
Notice the colours around you.
Deeply rich or vibrant spring greens, multiple layers of shades and pastels.
Notice how nature never discriminate in its colour or texture combinations.
Notice how silently the early morning shadow of a branch sweeps across your path.
Notice how your own shadow follows only inches behind or beside you.
Notice how nature twists and turns, ebbs and flows, offers and then withdraws.
Notice the buzzes, the chirps, the trickles, and the whispers.
Notice the aromatic whiffs of a blooming scent.
Notice Father-Sky above you; and Mother-Earth beneath you.
Stop for a moment as you absorb these gifts.
Notice how your body responds. 


When back in your family space

savour a steaming cup of your beverage of choice as you integrate all that you noticed and feel how your body has responded thus far.

I would recommend listening to Paul Horn’s beautiful CD called Taj Mahal to gently accompany you heralding in your morning.

Now complete “The Re-Jigging Your Life” questionnaire