Yes I Can!!… Turning Point from Good to Great

It’s been a little over a year since we celebrated one of the most successful Olympic and Paralympics events. The often nail-biting excitement of watching, on TV, these world class athletes perform within milliseconds of one another was only surpassed for me by being onsite and watching them in person.

Yes, I was fortunate enough to secure a Supervisory position, working along side many wonderful and highly committed volunteers.

My main focus was Ski Jumping. Positioned at the base of the two jaw-dropping take-off ramps in the beautiful Callaghan Valley, I watched as one fearless skier after another soared like Squamish Eagles, with the hopes of landing furthest-yet, along the run-out.

I still get shivers thinking of the courage and skill these skiers demonstrated.

Now the fever has waned somewhat but the subsequent energy continues as people reflect on the many memorable events and high lights of those games. Lifework Coaching has also been energized in the aftermath of the excitement and is launching its online newsletter.

The Olympics and Paralympics were hugely successful, not only because of the commitment, determination, and accomplishments demonstrated by our outstanding Canadian athletes but also because of the emotions we allowed ourselves, as a nation, to feel and express in support of them. No more circling our greatness and uniqueness. No more apologizing for our patriotism. In the process of welcoming in the world we have shepherded in the dawn of something very big for ourselves, as Canadians. The notion of “Yes we can” feels good to say.

As a nation we have found our voice to celebrate our greatness. As individuals how can we each do the same? Have you acknowledged your greatness through this notion of “Yes I can?”

If based on an old behavioural pattern, there comes a time, when holding back and minimizing your strengths and successes doesn’t serve you anymore. Finding your voice is the most powerful shift you can make…. having and demonstrating a knowing and a confidence that you have much to offer those around you as well as yourself.

What have you recently said, “yes I can” to?
Where and how did you muster up the courage to take that extra step?
How did your actions transport you to a place of empowerment?
How did you feel afterwards?
How did those around you receive your actions?
How did you express and celebrate your greatness?
How will you duplicate your newfound behaviour?

We need to look within to discover our opportunities to shine for it is when we acknowledge and show our brilliance that we can best serve ourselves and the world, and truly make a difference.

Boy mountain climbingAs K’naan’ says in his inspirational song, “Wavin’ Flag”, which was chosen as the official FIFA’s World Cup 2010 theme song, “…. You have to know, the urge to make a change lies within….”.

Your special gifts are yours to discover but not yours to keep. So pass them on! What are you feeling the “urge to do”? Go within, notice your own “urge to change” and find your own special ways to express and fulfill it.

Yes I can… turn my attitude from judgment to compassion.
Yes I can… shift my perspective from my view to our view.
Yes I can … do 10 more crunches.
Yes I can… climb the stairs instead of take the escalator.
Yes I can… find the next toehold on that rockface.
Yes I can… do one small thing to make the world a little better place today?

What’s your “yes I can?” What small shift will initiate your turning point from good to great? 

About Vivian Hitchman

Vivian is Founder and President of Lifework Coaching Inc., a company that specializes in Personal Coaching and Professional Development.

Vivian HitchmanHer coaching philosophy of “learning by doing” evolved out of her commitment to adventure, athleticism, and an interest in understanding human behaviour.

Through one on one coaching, connecting with the outdoors, self-awareness exercises, and assessment tools, she coaches corporate teams and individuals to realize their potential and translate their learning into effective personal and team strategies.

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